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Deadline: March 15, 2017

Eligibility: Must have experienced a health-related issue – not necessarily a chronic illness – documented by a physician, which lasted at least six months and impaired the individual’s ability to pursue his or her education.

  • Graduating seniors or former graduates of any high school in the state of Delaware.
  • Preference will be given to those enrolled in the First State School or any of its branches before or at the time the health-related issue occurred.
  • Past awardees are eligible to apply.
  • Documentation must be provided by the applicant’s treating physician documenting the illness and its impact on the applicant’s ability to attend school.
  • A statement will be required from the applicant about the experience and struggles dealing with his/her illness and what they have had to overcome.|

Award: Type and amount at the discretion of the board of directors at Delaware Community Foundation.

Contact: Application available at
For more information, contact your guidance counselor or:
Scholarships, Delaware Community Foundation
P.O. Box 1636
Wilmington, DE 19899