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Deadline: January 2017, check website for details.

Eligibility: High school senior or currently enrolled college student; U.S. citizen; good academic standing (minimum 2.5 GPA and 920 SAT or 21 ACT) and extracurricular activity record; and physically fit and healthy.

Award: Full tuition and fees, not to include housing. Scholarships available in four-year, three-year and two-year packages and include a monthly stipend between $300 and $500 and $1,200 a year for books. Additional merit- and need-based housing assistance available for University of Delaware Army ROTC participants (they do not have to be scholarship winners).

Contact: Department of Military Science
Attn: Capt. Noel Milian
University of Delaware Army ROTC Department
314 Wyoming Road
Newark, DE 19716
302-831-8213 or 1-800-830-ROTC